I am Cat, aka Amomintheswamp. This is my life out of the swamps. Since Hurricane Katrina Pushed us back "HOME" to Kansas City where I was born and raised. "The storm clears, Our hope proves true, life is precious and the day is New!"

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Its Cats Life!

Okay, I have started the New Blog, with new name and new Me!!!!
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Its Cats Life!

Today was the first Day of school for the boys, This Morning went Great! everyone got up , got dressed, ate breakfast and headed off to school with no arguements!! It was Great!
Matt woke up early....and I do mean EARLY...like around 2:30 a.m. WIDE awake, Dressed and ready to go!! I made him lay down in bed with me and go back to sleep. I think he was both Excited, and Nervous about his first day. Since nobody else really has seen him since his hair loss. He did finally fall back asleep..thank god!!
After I took Brandon to his school, and met his new teacher and got him settled in, I came home and Called my hair dressor. She was able to get me in today, so I got myself a NEW DO!

So I think that with all the Newness of things... I am working hard on getting my New Blog going. I have decided to call it "Its Cats Life" I am working on a new banner for it. since I am Graphicly challanged, I am using this same layout. it was easy enough to just add the banner to. So be on the look out for the new link as soon as I get the Banner made. I will post a pic of the New Do on the New Blog .

Take care


School will be starting on Thursday for the boys! (can I hear an AMEN!!!) I am so ready for them to start, and I think they are getting ready too. Boredom has set in around this house. UGH.

Hubbies trip to Panama went Great! He is home, and anxiously awaiting his next job call. He was all set to leave tonight for Virginia, but that trip got cancel right after the ticket was purchased. GAH I hate that! Anyways... Things are back to normal!!!

I am hoping by next month, we will be in a position where I can start my training. I have decided to become a Dental Assistant. I am still in the works of finding the right course to do. So any of you Dental Assistants out there that have some advice, please feel free to share.

It's seems weird that our life would be BACK to normal, exactly 1 year to the DATE! of the Anniversary to Hurricane Katrina! The day when our world was turned upside down and began the year of Hell for our family.

I ask that you keep those families that are still needing help from that terrible day, in your thoughts and prayers.

Take care!


Well, Hubby is on his way to Panama as I type. He was a bit nervouse this morning, as were I, since it has been so long since he has flown, and we both were unsure of how the airplane pressure would effect his leg. But he called me from Houston to say that all went great, and he was sure the next flight would be fine also. What a relief!! I can't tell you how right this all feels, this is the hubby I know, the one who is up and about and traveling to his jobs. Not that I want him to travel, but he loves his job, and he is so good at it. I am happy for him.
He also told me that the news must of spread he was back at work , because when he got to Houston, he had 6 voice mails from customers. His phone hasn't rang from a customer in Months!!

After dropping hubby off at the airport, and getting my muchneededandlongawaited Carmel Machiato from *bucks! I stopped to pay the parking toll, and the lady handed me a fortune cookie! COOL!!! so as I was driving down the highway , I decided to open the cookie and get my fortune, and guess what? ............. My fortune cookie was fortuneless! No message! What is up with that? what does that mean huh? I called hubby and told him, he said hmmmm guess it means you make your own fortune. I kind of like the sound of that. what do you think?
I have been fooling around with my laptop today, for some unknown reason, I can't seem to get connected to my wireless router (ever since we changed our Cable modem to a new and improved one with phone service). But I also can't stay connected to the surrounding wireless networks in the area either. So not sure if it is my wireless card, or my router. UGH. this is the part of the internet I hate!!!!

So Off to go make my own fortune!

Take care!

Hubby will be flying out of town tommorrow to do a job. He Is BACK at WORK! Finally! It has been 51/2 Months since his accident. He has come a long way in his recovery! I am so proud of him. He is so excited, that his face just lights up at the thought of working again. Hmmmm should I be worried? he is happy to be going out of town? lol NAH.. I just wish I could go with him!! He is going to a resort area in Panama!! Lucky duck!

This is the first step in his returning to work fulltime, Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers that he has a safe trip.

In the mean time, I have recieved another call from another bank, I am going to go speak to them, see what they have to offer. Things are starting to fall into place!


today has been a bill calling, account closeing, moving information around day. I hate calling people on the phone, but I got it all done. Now just have to write letters and fax them off to a few.

why can't they let me just do it all online? huh? why?

I just got done cleaning my pool filter, and putting what chemicals I have left in it. I have a green pool at the moment, and when I went to Wally World to buy some algecide...guess what? They have decided pool season is over, and put it all away. (of course I think they sold out before that, cuz last time I was there, they were out of algecide and low on shock!) But why on earth would they put it away so soon? I mean our Temp. is still in the mid to upper 90's, SO WHY?? guess I will have to go to the pool place and pay way too much for the stuff. (or just close the pool early.)

Hubby and I are going to my Brothers house tonight to watch a movie. We will be kidless so I am rather thrilled about that. I can't wait for School to start. They are starting to really get bored and when bored, they start arguing more, and wanting to snack more. I can't keep up!

Hubbys company has sent him a list of potential jobs they may send him on, in order to see how well he can perform his duties. The first one is schedualed for Next week!!! He is so excited and I am too.. sort of. I just hope they plan on sending the expense money they haven't replenished since March, so he can afford to travel. cuz lord knows we don't have it.

Well, Hope everyone is having a good Tuesday!

Take care


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